Best Place for a New Boiler Installation in Your Property


Where is the best place for a new boiler? You might be surprised to find out you’ve got a choice!

Many of us probably thought we were stuck with it where it is – or faced a big bill for relocating a boiler.

The fact is that modern boilers give you more, but not total, flexibility when it comes to where to put them. So what do you need to bear in mind when it’s time for a new boiler installation?

Let’s take a quick look at how to find the best place for your new boiler.

Where Is the Best Place for a New Boiler Installation?

When deciding where to put a new boiler, there are a few key points to keep in mind. 

A boiler uses three services – gas, water and electricity. The closer it is to all three, the easier it and cheaper it will be to install.

Also, think about accessibility. It needs to be somewhere easy for an engineer to get to. Also, allow them as much room as possible to make it easier for servicing and repairs

Things to Consider When Relocating a Boiler

When relocating a boiler, there is more involved than just personal preference. One of the first considerations is budget.

Often, the answer to the question ‘Where is the best location for a new boiler?’ is the location you’ve just removed the old boiler from. That’s because you know that all the services are nearby. It will also mean less or no disruption to your decor. Many homeowners also look to relocate their boiler when renovating their homes or building a new house extension. However, no matter what reason for the relocation, you will also need to make sure there is enough space in the new location for the boiler and its associated components.

Having the boiler fitted in the correct place should translate into fewer expenses for you in the future.

Think about the practicality of connecting it to your central heating system. All the pipes lead back to the location of your current boiler. How practical will it be to relocate them?

However, it could be that your current boiler location is horrible. Can’t wait to get rid of a boiler in the front room? Then bear these factors in mind:

  • Must be easily accessible by an engineer for servicing
  • Flue can’t discharge too close to a neighbour’s boundary
  • How much will it cost to redecorate after relocating a boiler?

The right place for a new boiler installation is one that is within your budget, suits your needs, meets building regs and is easy to service in the future.

Why Boilers Need to Be Close to the Gas Supply

Although a boiler can go in many places, keeping it close to the gas supply makes sense. This comes in on the ground floor, so try to choose a ground floor location.

If you choose a new boiler location that’s upstairs, way off in a garage or in the attic, that could cost more. Copper piping is expensive, and long runs need lots of joins. These are more prone to leaks.

Keeping it close to the gas supply keeps costs and disruption to a minimum.

Upgrade Your Home Central Heating With Kentish Plumbers

A new boiler installation is a great chance to make the change. You can finally move your boiler and locate it somewhere more convenient!

Whether you’re asking yourself, ‘Where should a boiler be placed?’ or have other burning heating questions, contact Kentish Plumbers. Our friendly, knowledgeable and qualified team can help you upgrade your heating – and sort out where to put a new boiler!

Get in touch today to arrange a free quotation for your home central heating upgrade.

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